Do you have varicose veins that are constantly bothering you? 
Are you tired of feeling like you need to hide your legs? 
Have you looked into different treatment options? 

Varicose Veins have been around for generations. In fact, if a patients grandmother and mother had varicose veins, they are more likely to face them in their life as well. Doctor's have found that genetics play a role in the formation of these types of vein problems as well as age, weight, and how many hours are spent of a patients feet everyday. However, varicose veins are much more common in women then men. 

Vein complications can hinder many people's confidence. Many treatments are also less than appealing to many people including wearing tall compression socks. Thankfully, there are other treament options for people who fight vein problems. Sclreotherapy is a treatment for spider veins as well as varicose veins. The treatment is easy to recover from making it a great option for many preople. The patient should be fine to return to their regular activities the following day. In fact, Sclerotherapy is on of the most effective and options available today for treating spider or varicose veins. 

During the procedure a sterile foam is injected by a very fine needle into the patients affected veins. The foam moves throughout the veins and pushes the blood into different channels. While there are immediate results, patients usually need a few treatments before the veins finally seal themselves off and the blood relocates permanently to a new channel. After the blood have moved itself into new veins the old varicose vein will diminish. 

As mentioned, as soon as the treatment is finished the patient can go back to their everyday tasks. Sometimes a slight sting will come witht the treatment but nothing that should impare your daily activities. The procedure takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes and can be offered inside of a doctors office. 

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